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Larry Smith’s life story will provide you with multiple money hacks! This is more than than just an inspirational book…Each page you turn will help SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE.

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Love & Money Hacks

School may prepare you for reading, writing and arithmetic….Here at Love & Money Hacks, we give you the real tools and mindsets to create meaningful long lasting relationships and how to create generational wealth. No matter what your relationships and bank account look like, there is a bright future ahead of you! Let’s make it happen TOGETHER!


It’s much easier to have success with a coach by your side. I will be your guide every step of the way. You deserve success and together we will make it happen!


School doesn’t arm you with tools you need to be financially successful, you probably already know that though. Learn from my mistakes and triumphs so you can


Where your bank account is now is just the start. Stick with me and your future will be brighter than ever expected. Your financial success is right around the corner.

Love & Money Hacks with

Larry & Donielle Smith

Known as the Financial Guru and the Epicurean Queen, Larry & Donielle Smith have built a financial legacy that will pass on for generations in spite of hardships, setbacks or having anything handed to them. Quite the opposite really.
The Smiths may not have fancy degrees flanking their office walls they instead opted to use all the twists and turns in a fairly complex, and hard-knock life, as their real-life university training. It’s paid off big time.
This power couple didn’t step easily into success and they are no strangers to financial burdens and crisis. Together and individually, the Smith’s have fought through tumultuous times that would decimate most. Through bankruptcy, firings, multiple moves, and even a gruesome murder.
Knowing the Smith’s not only survived but have thrived personally and financially, gives each of us hope. The hope that our past doesn’t equal our future, the hope that in spite of a lack of formal education of any sort, that there is a way to succeed, and the hope that there can be a bright future ahead, when the decision is made to work hard and become a perpetual student of life.
Together they are self-made millionaires, dedicated to sharing their Love & Money Hacks, helping you to have the most loving relationships even in rough times and showing you great paths to building true wealth.

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Dare to Get Rich

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You no longer have to feel alone or lost on your journey of financial success. Formal education may have let you down, but the experiences, processes, mindsets and habits outlined in this book will be your guiding light.

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Dare To Get Rich

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More than just an inspirational book…Each page you turn will help SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE.
Real Tools. Real Philosophies. Real Habits.
Start building Your Wealth Today.

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The strategies in this book I’ve applied, as a result, I’m in a much better financial position today than I ever would have been had I not taken this knowledge to heart.

Brenda Anderson

Thanks to this book I now have a much better retirement plan and strategy than I did before. Total shortcut to my financial freedom!

Kim Melia

32 years old with a small pile of credit card debt, zero in my savings, and nothing set up for my future. I had no clue it would be so simple to turn my finances around … this book changed it all for me.

Michael Fedick

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