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Let me introduce you to the concepts and organizations that allowed me to create the income I needed to build wealth.

I’ve worked in corporate America, in retail, in professional sales and I did have a moderate amount of success. You can read my life story in my new book Dare to Get Rich, to better understand my journey. In the interim, I’d love to share with you how my wife, Donielle and I, have designed a life we love. We travel extensively. When we work, it’s from anywhere in the world. More importantly, we’ve been able to teach our children these concepts, and are now doing the same with our grandchildren!

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You’ve got to understand that money is a tool, not your arch nemesis.

Let’s work together to improve your financial education and reshape your beliefs about money.

Hope to get out of debt? Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Schedule a call! I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been hopelessly in debt. Understanding money is no different than understanding any other subject; it requires education. I’d love to help you gain the financial savvy you need to master money and escape debt.


Bank on Yourself

Part of mastering money is building not only a network of professionals to advise you, but you also need tools.

There is a confusing plethora of software, tools, and products designed to help you build your portfolio. To identify and research them all would be like wading in quicksand. I have a few time-tested, proven ways I know have changed my personal financial picture and Bank on Yourself is one of them.

QUESTION: How much money have you paid in interest in the past 10 years? Think about it all; credit cards, Mortgage, car payments, personal loans, a boat or recreational vehicle payment?
If you added it up, would you feel okay about that number or would it make you sick to your stomach?

QUESTION: What if you could eliminate most of the interest you pay for the rest of your life?

QUESTION:How much money could that be?

QUESTION: What if you could invest THAT money?

This is EXACTLY what I’ve done!

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More than just an inspirational book…Each page you turn will help SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE.
Real Tools. Real Philosophies. Real Habits.
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